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Bray 360 Corten Steel Planter

Image of Bray 360 Corten Steel Planter

Bray Design 360 Corten Steel Planters

The BRAY Design natural rust 360 round planters are made by utilising laser cut Corten steel, hand rolled and welded to create a planter that is incredibly solid to accommodate herb gardens, succulents or very large statement plants.
These round steel planters are simple, modern and minimalistic for any outdoor or indoor setting.

From short and wide to tall and skinny - Any size of design to suit your requirements.

These planters will weather and age to develop a rich rusted patina and texture which corten steel is so highly valued for.

• A range of standard sizes or custom made to any size you require
• Suitable for indoor / outdoor applications
• Choose with or without top lip
• Great in a set of different heights and diameter planters
• Can be paired with lockable wheels for easy moving
• Comes with drainage holes
• Made in NZ

These items are made to order so if the standard sizes do not suit your space, please email us and we will manufacture to your preferred dimensions.

*Enter discount code BRAYCOLLECT if you wish to pickup your item from West Auckland, that way it will waive the shipping costs.